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Fly Fearless Coaching Program (FFCP)

Ladies Women Working Together Project Concept

A strong sense of perceived self-efficacy is an important contributing factor to both the prevention of diminished self-concept and self-sufficiency in young adulthood. Through various activities, FFCP participants develop the problem solving, cognitive, and behavioral skills needed to overcome personal, social and academic obstacles.

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The F.L.Y. L.Y.F.

Topics from the editor

  • Getting Out of My Own Way…

    There are times when my dreams flee into the darkness behind my eyes. There are times when everything in front of my eyes defies everything I see in my future I remember at one point, I completely pushed my dreams aside because the valleys were too deep.The oceans were too wide.

  • He’s Just That Into You

    God is in everything, and he is everywhere. I didn’t truly believe that until I started “back sliding.” It wasn’t until I escaped the jaws of organized religion that I found God, the absolute love of my life. There he was, sitting right there at the core of my being waiting patiently for me to acknowledge His presence in me.

  • Lovin’ Hip Hop with Tiffany Christy

    My relationship with Hip-Hop dates back to 1996. From the moment I heard the Brooklyn staccato in Sean Carter’s voice bumrushing the speakers of my boom box on his debut album “Reasonable Doubt,” Hip Hop had his hooks in me. In the words of Mr. Notorious, “I let my tape rock until the tape popped.”

  • Baltimore & Me with Tiffany Christy

    I love me some Baltimore. Every last corner of it–the good, the bad and the ugly. And even though things are pretty ugly in the heart of the City right now, I still believe. In this section, I tell my truth about the city I am proud to call my home.

Chief editor

Ginyard-Bio-HeadshotThe Fly Girl Network Inc. was founded in 2010 by Tiffany Ginyard and five of her closest friends and colleagues. Before embarking on this endeavor, however, Tiffany has been a youth advocate in her community for more than 13 years, starting at 17 as an academic tutor at Eager Street Academy, a Baltimore City Public School housed in the Baltimore City Detention Center, for female juvenile inmates awaiting trial.

From there, she went on to serve as a youth advocate and mentor for On Our Shoulders, a youth program in West Baltimore that was founded by Ray Cook, a community activist and youth advocate whom she regards as one of the leading influences on the work with youth to this day. At On Our Shoulders is where the vision for The Fly Girl Network was birthed, even though the name and capacity in which Ginyard would serve had not yet been revealed to her.


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Help us encourage, empower, and motivate youth in the city of Baltimore by donating to a wonderful organization –  the Fly Girl Network. By donating, you are helping The Fly Girl Network continue our mission to mold and guide girls into powerful, leading and innovative women. Their future is our future. Let us be the change we want to see in the world.

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Butterfly Profiles Project: Promoting Growth and Transformation in Our Communities

The Fly Girl Network, Inc. understands how difficult it is for black girls to be themselves in a culture that discourages individuality. It is part of our mission to encourage African American girls to cultivate their own concept of beauty that embraces the skin their in and enhances the beauty within.

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