Mind Aerobics

Mental Fitness By Tiffany Ginyard It’s easy to neglect our mental health when there seem to be more pressing health disparities vying for our immediate attention these days. As heart disease, diabetes and cancer are on a ride in the African-American community, we are challenged to adopt better eating habits and make room in our…


Getting Out of My Own Way…

There are times when my dreams flee into the darkness behind my eyes. There are times when everything in front of my eyes defies everything I see in my future I remember at one point, I completely pushed my dreams aside because the valleys were too deep.The oceans were too wide.


Mustard Seed Mondayz: The One Thing

By Dorothy Boulware

I’ll bet there are a few things in your life that constitute the one thing that made all the difference. It’s important to pause and remember…remembering enlarges our space for receiving and fuels the gratitude bug that keeps us alive.

The teacher who saw you hanging with the wrong crowd and took you aside to remind you of your own good stuff.
The counselor who saw in you some talent you couldn’t even see and urged you to go a different way than you’d planned.


He’s Just That Into You

God is in everything, and he is everywhere. I didn’t truly believe that until I started “back sliding.” It wasn’t until I escaped the jaws of organized religion that I found God, the absolute love of my life. There he was, sitting right there at the core of my being waiting patiently for me to acknowledge His presence in me.