About the Program

The Fly Girl Network, Inc. understands how difficult it is for black girls to be themselves in a culture that discourages individuality. It is part of our mission to encourage African American girls to cultivate their own concept of beauty that embraces the skin their in and enhances the beauty within.

Images in American society have shaped some distorted perceptions of beauty for Black girls. They portrays a false reality that the standard for beauty is a girl with fair skin—white would be ideal—long flowing hair and no imperfections. Black girls are told that they have to be Barbie to be seen. We are told to beat the black off our faces with makeup and lashes. We are told to take butt shots to make our behinds bigger.

We are told we need 27-inch, silky Brazilian hair to be attractive. We obsess over celebrities whose bodies have been photoshopped or surgically altered to perfection, because the messages in reality shows and blogs perpetuate the unattainable image of the Black Barbie— a carbon copy of a pale painted doll with long plastic hair, too tight clothes, too much make up, and a crew of phony friends. And we buy into it because its on reality TV.

Through the Butterfly Profiles Project, participants express their personal statements of beauty through videography and photography in a manner that expresses who they truly are and the footprint they want to leave on the world.

To get your daughter involved in the next cycle of the program, contact Niquita Brown, director of programs at brown@flygirlnetwork.org.


This program is made possible through our partnership with Curvaceous Photography.

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