Getting Out of My Own Way…

There are times when my dreams flee into the darkness behind my eyes. There are times when everything in front of my eyes defies everything I see in my future I remember at one point, I completely pushed my dreams aside because the valleys were too deep.The oceans were too wide.

He’s Just That Into You

God is in everything, and he is everywhere. I didn’t truly believe that until I started “back sliding.” It wasn’t until I escaped the jaws of organized religion that I found God, the absolute love of my life. There he was, sitting right there at the core of my being waiting patiently for me to acknowledge His presence in me.

Lovin’ Hip Hop with Tiffany Christy

My relationship with Hip-Hop dates back to 1996. From the moment I heard the Brooklyn staccato in Sean Carter’s voice bumrushing the speakers of my boom box on his debut album “Reasonable Doubt,” Hip Hop had his hooks in me. In the words of Mr. Notorious, “I let my tape rock until the tape popped.”